Coconut Island South Cape – 20 Rai Oceanfront Headland

Islands, 0, Thailand


20 rai former coconut plantation, comprising the southern cape of Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island).

On southern tip of Koh Maphrao, which is located just a few hundred meters from Phuket Island itself.
The property is minutes from Phuket yet entirely secluded. Lands to the northwest side are mangrove, and un-developable, and most of the lands to the northeast are without private title.
Jeep road runs from main Pier on Island to back of property.
Beach on west side.
Small beaches and large boulders at point of Cape.
Large boulders along east side with all-tide deep water at shoreline.
Land has crest of about 25 meters, with most of the land in the 5 to 15 meter elevation.
Property is covered with coconut trees along with other growth.

Deep water in all tides off east side.
3 minutes by speedboat to Laem Hin Pier.
Laem Hin Pier being rebuilt and lengthened.
Mainline electricity lines are now in place on Koh Maphrao.
Two new hotels have announced developments on the island.

Offered for Freehold SALE at THB 10.5 million per rai. 

REAL Ref. 10874