REAL Phuket – Our Philosophy

The Company and its Operations

  • Real Vision Asia Company, Limited operates under the name “” or simply REAL Phuket. We are a Phuket based independent agency offering personalised services relating to all kinds of quality residential properties, new developments, commercial properties, real estate investments, as well as long-term and holiday rentals.
  • Commenced operations in Jan 2010 and personally managed by the founders of the company and supported by a small but enthusiastic staff, and a hand-picked network of representative and affiliate agents.
  • Our targeted market is affluent travellers and retirees who would like a holiday home, property investors, and international buyers looking for their ideal retirement home or residential home. Clients are typically based throughout Asia-Pacific, Russia and Europe.
  • We currently have more than 2,000 island properties on our books, and are currently still expanding.
  • REAL works with leading experienced property developers, owners, legal and accounting professionals to ensure that the most relevant and reliable information and services are made available to our clients.
  • Currently we focus our operations on Phuket Island and the Andaman region, but other locations will be considered in the future.

Pre-Purchase Services

  • REAL conducts an exclusive and personal, one-on one appraisal of each individual client’s goals, objectives and expectations, including both lifestyle and financial considerations.
  • This client appraisal is then compared to REAL pre-screened list of properties to discover the most relevant options available to match clients’ standards and expectations.
  • Additional property searches are conducted in conjunction with reputable property developers and agencies to evaluate available properties.
  • These additional properties are then inspected to ensure standards and accuracy of information.
  • Once all searches, comparisons and inspections are complete, REAL then presents considered recommendations to the clients based on their original individual requirements.

Benefits to REAL Clients

  • Clients save time and the inconvenience of conducting in-depth and qualified market searches and research.
  • Recommendations are tailor-made to each client’s individual requirements.
  • Recommendations have been ‘pre-screened’ to ensure accuracy, relevance and quality of the property’s investment and lifestyle potential.
  • Maximize market knowledge due to REAL’s industry contacts, network and market knowledge.
  • Ensures that only reputable developers, sellers and other involved parties are considered.
  • Provides broader number of options and also more ‘closely-evaluated’ investment potential.
  • As REAL is an independent advisory service acting purely on behalf of clients, all recommendations are unbiased and objective, thus providing true quality of service, maximum investment potential and increased client truest and genuine results.

Benefits to Owners, Property Managers and Representatives

  • Exposure of your property to REAL’s exclusive, qualified and affluent buyer and rental list
  • Knowing that your property already meets buyers’ pre-determined wants, needs and expectations.
  • Knowing that your property is being represented and presented by a company which understands the entire property sales process and will do justice to the selling points and investment potential.
  • You benefit from our not requiring an ‘exclusive agent’ agreement to sell your property.
  • Benefiting from the personal relationships REAL enjoys with clients as trusted advisors.
  • Fast, efficient and clear lines of communication through a single point of contact
  • REAL provides advice, support and co-ordination to clients throughout the entire selling process
  • REAL forms working relationships based on effective results and realistic commission structures.
  • Diversity of buyers based in countries all over the world.
  • Management services once a property is bought.
  • Professional and enthusiastic salesmanship of properties using a 1-on-1 approach.
  • A high standard of professional ethics and integrity.