Koh Keaw – 247+ Rai Development Land with 120 Rai of Freshwater Lake in Central Phuket

X9GM+GH Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket, Thailand




This large piece of development land in the Heart of Phuket island is now available for sale. 

  • 4 Chanote titles (can be sub-divided)
  • Total Size: 247-3-53 rai / 396,612 sq.m.
  • Transfer fees to be shared 50/50
  • Well-priced at just THB 5.5 million per rai
  • Located in the center of Phuket island (close to Heroines Monument, 300 meters from Royal Phuket Marina)

The vacant land is situated near Boat Lagoon Phuket and Royal Phuket Marina, two popular marinas and residential areas in Phuket, Thailand. It benefits from its proximity to the marinas and the surrounding amenities and attractions.

Development Options:

  1. Residential Development: Considering the demand for housing in Phuket, developing the land for residential purposes could be a profitable option. The land could be divided into smaller plots for individual houses or townhouses. With proper planning and infrastructure, such as roads, utilities, and recreational facilities, the land could attract potential buyers looking for a serene and well-connected residential community.
  2. Resort or Hotel Development: Given Phuket’s status as a renowned tourist destination, developing the land into a resort or hotel could be a lucrative venture. The large size of the land allows for the construction of a substantial resort complex or a high-end hotel. Factors such as proximity to the marina and potential water views can enhance the appeal to tourists and boat enthusiasts.
  3. Mixed-Use Development: A mixed-use development could be a viable option, combining residential, commercial, and recreational components. This approach allows for a diverse range of amenities, including residential units, shops, restaurants, recreational facilities, and possibly a marina or waterfront promenade. The combination of residential and commercial spaces can create a self-contained community with a vibrant atmosphere.
  4. Recreational or Sports Facilities: With its sizable area, the land could be developed into sports or recreational facilities. This could include golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, or sports complexes. Establishing a sports-themed destination could attract both local residents and tourists, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Agricultural or Farming Ventures: If there are favorable soil and climate conditions, utilizing the land for agricultural purposes could be a viable option. Cultivating crops or establishing organic farming practices can cater to the growing demand for sustainable and locally sourced produce. Furthermore, eco-tourism activities, such as farm tours or agritourism experiences, could be integrated to provide additional income streams.
  6. Renewable Energy Projects: If the land has suitable topography and receives ample sunlight or wind, developing renewable energy projects could be a sustainable and profitable endeavor. Installing solar panels or wind turbines can generate clean energy for the local area or even contribute to the national grid, creating a long-term revenue stream.
  7. Commercial or Industrial Complex: Considering the land’s size and location, developing a commercial or industrial complex could be a viable option. This could involve constructing office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or retail spaces. Proximity to the marinas may also attract businesses related to boat sales, repairs, or marine services.



The vacant land near Boat Lagoon Phuket offers numerous opportunities for development. Factors such as location, market demand, and potential amenities should be carefully considered when determining the best-use scenario. Conducting a detailed feasibility study and market analysis, in consultation with experts, will provide valuable insights to make an informed decision about the most profitable and sustainable use of the land.

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